Utahs State Stone: Honeycomb Calcite: Mine Tour (Part One)

Part One of Utahs State Stone: Honeycomb Calcite: Mine Tour

Welcome to Hanna Utah!
Join me and the mine owners Jeannie and Rick Stott as we go deep into the operations of their mine and processing facility. Learn a little in this episode about how to work with the stone and learn all about it here.
Part Two will be out in a couple days of me carving and polishing a large garden statue step by step on how to polish this buttery stone in to shining beauty!
Heres the links to the Shamrock Mine where these items come from.
If you are planning a mine visit which I highly recommend be sure to check with Jeannie on how to get there as the pin on google maps is wrong by. About 3 miles. So just know the mine is right off the highway not down a road that goes to nowhere 😉

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Have an awesome day!!! And Keep on Rockin!!!
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