ROCK TALK LAPIDARY S3:E4 Tips & Tricks of Lapidary Compounds and Final Polish Help

Welcome to Season 3 episode #4 of Rock Talk Lapidary
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This is our last week of Season 3, short season but so much fun! We will be talking about more tips and tricks of the Lapidary arts, like: What makes good material good. What about polishing compounds….what to use and how. And a whole bunch of other things. Come join us for our final Season 3 episode and have some fun!
Here at Rock Talk Lapidary we come to you with creative ideas of things you can do and make with your rocks whether you are already a lapidary or just curious about the hobby, we invite you into our workspace.
Watch this episode! With Host Kersten Safford, Co-hosts David Leaton, Courtney King, Ryan Brown, Matt Sams and Brad Bartell.
We talk all about a wide variety of rock subjects. This show is a continuation of our previously named mineral meet up podcast and prior episodes of lapidary chat which can be found under our live show banner. This show is filmed live, if you can catch us live you will be thrilled to be able to participate in the conversation and have a chance to win our weekly show giveaway.
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Co-host: David Leaton, Lapidary Artist and Education Admin
Join his group Rock Tumblers for Autism here……
Co-Host: Courtney King Lapidary Artist and Education Admin
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Co-Host: Ryan Brown of Glacier Bros
FB business page:
Co-Host: Matt Sams, High End Specimen Collector, Owner of Redbeard’s Rocks and Global Treasures and FB Admin for our Rock groups.
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Co-Host: Brad Bartell, Owner of JBB ROCKS
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Technical Advisor: Andrew Born of Glacier Bros Lapidary
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FB group: Rock Talk Lapidary A group created just for our viewers and listeners. Stay up to date with the latest news from Rock Talk Lapidary!…
HOST: Kersten Safford Art, Lapidary and stone carver, Educator and Owner of fb groups…
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rock and mineral identification for beginners open chat room…
rock and mineral identification for beginners……
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first book crystal journal
second book rock collection catalog
third book tumbling journal
fourth book rockhound journal
fifth book lapidary journal
AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS: these are tools and books I recommend. I am an amazon affiliate so I do make a little money off these items I recommend and use personally.
CabKing six inch polishing machine
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Rockhounding kit
8″ flat lap disk 3k
Dremel 4k with flex shaft attachment
Lapidary for beginners soft cover
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