Rock Talk Lapidary #10 Guest: Alan Meltzer Fine Gembone and Petwood Collector and Educator

This week’s Rock Talk #10 Guest: Alan Metzler (replay)

Welcome to episode #10 of Rock Talk Lapidary Podcast. (replay)
We come to you with creative ideas of things you can do and make with your rocks whether you are already a lapidary or just curious about the hobby we invite you into our workspace.
This week’s show topic is all about Alan Meltzer and his enormous high end dinosaur gembone and petrified wood collection. Alan isn’t a lapidary, he is an enthusiastic collector of the biggest and rarest specimens he can find. Alan has a museum quality and quantity collection and he shows us what to look for when collecting and purchasing from dealers.
Watch this episode! With co-hosts David Leaton, Courtney King 👑 and Ryan Brown. We talk all about a wide variety of rock subjects.
this show is a continuation of our previously named mineral meet up podcast and prior episodes of lapidary chat which can be found under our live show banner.
This show is filmed live, if you can catch us live you will be thrilled to be able to participate in the conversation and have a chance to win our weekly show drawing.

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Guest: Alan Meltzer, Collector of fine gembone and pet wood

Co-host: David Leaton, Lapidary Artist and Education Admin
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Co-Host: Courtney King
Lapidary Artist and Education Admin
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Co-Host: Ryan Brown of Glacier Bros will be joining us as well and here’s his link

Technical Advisor: Andrew Born of Glacier Bros Lapidary

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