radioactive rock ☢️

Hope everyone is doing really well and I look forward to posting more videos soon.

The rock shown here was collected in southern Utah and is a petrified wood. I don’t know where it came from except I was told southern Utah. This was a rock I inherited. it was probably collected in the 50s or 60s. No one knew it was radioactive until I set my handy Geiger counter next to it and it went crazy. it is now labeled and stored in a ziplock bag in a cardboard box in a room that’s only randomly used. it’s safe to store. I wouldn’t touch it too much. the reading was 1345 at the highest. the next hottest rock I own only comes in at 300.
Do you have any radioactive rocks?

This is the Amazon link to the detector I shared in the video. This is an affiliate link so I may get a small percentage of the sale if you do purchase, which doesn’t add anything to the cost. it’s just a reward for sharing the link.

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