This episode we did our daily giveaway, congrats to our lucky winner Spencer.
we also did a fun unboxing from a package from Packistan!
next we talked about the broken bear from last weeks episode and how it was fixed with a ca glue and took 36 hours to completely cure.
we worked on a bear carving and I showed how I texture divots.
The last thing we did was I demonstrated how to use a household cleaner: toilet bowl cleaner (muriatic acid).
The big reveal for the acid polish will be in our next episode.
We had lots of awesome participation! and I forgot to tell everyone to pick a number between 1 and 1000. so go ahead and do that and put it in the comments 🙂
Thank you all so much!!! Keep on Rockin!!!
remember our live schedule is mondays and thursdays at 1pm mountain time. as close to that as possible! Next episode tune 8n to see how that bear turned out!!!

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