How to Lapidary Polish Soft Stones for Beginners

Beginner polishing soft Stones/rocks such as turquoise, variscite and variquoise. This rock came from my father’s collection in probably the ’70s somewhere in the southwest Utah or Colorado or New Mexico where my dad did a lot of hunting with my grandfather and grandmother and my grandpa got my dad into Rock hounding and my dad got me into rock hounding. So for me polishing this rock is very special to my heart and I am just doing the very basic polish on this so that everybody can get a good idea on how to start with a softer stone. With the softer stone such as calcite, fluorite, opal, turquoise, varicite, you want to start at a much higher grit than you would. If you were working with Jasper, which is a very much harder stone. The higher grits will shape your stone. You just must be very patient. Okay. The one thing I want to stress to you that you get out of this video is pull your hair back. So with the basics of polishing a soft stone, you’re going to start at a higher grit and then you’re going to go directly from there into polishing. And you want to make sure that the very first step you start with that you grind that stone down and then rinse it off dry. It look for those scratches because that’s what you’re going to go after in the next step. The next step is going to take the first step scratches away and it’s going to introduce new much finer scratches and you just keep leveling up. You just keep going from grit stage to grit stage. If I had my system set up properly I would have gone 1200 23,014,050,000 and exam but I I don’t have all my wheels or my plates set up correctly right now. And if you bother to read this whole thing, I just want to say thank you. Please be sure to tune in to our podcast. We run every Thursday. It is called rock talk lapidary you can find it on YouTube or Spotify and we just want to bring you news in the rock community. We want to share with you some of our favorite people and products and we also do a giveaway for anyone who watches live and leave the comments. So that’s something fun to look forward to. Every week. We are on week two and we will be doing 20 weeks this season and then will take a break and then come back. So be sure to tune in subscribe, turn that notification bell on, and if you do feel like it, go ahead and share this video out to anyone you know that likes rocks or maybe needs a reminder to be safe and pull your hair back. Much love. Keep on rocking

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