honey comb calcite carving reveal part 2 of 2

I got to say get in this carving just done and off. my back is such a huge relief and not having proper area place space to work on. it really was a bummer but I may do with what I had. You guys know that I always make do and so I’m really very happy with how it turned out how it looks in front of the house and now it’s a good marker for me to tell someone when they’re looking for our house. if anyone is interested in getting some, I know the mine owner or I have about a ton of it in my backyard, but most of my stuff is 100 lb blocks so probably best if you’re local for pickup I won’t ship. I hope you enjoyed watching through the last 2 years the progress on this piece even though it came bits and pieces. I may end up making a video from start to finish about the process but it’s all up there So if you seen this video just pop in and say hi. I don’t think anyone ever reads these descriptions

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