Hoarder or crafts woman you decide!

good news I’m just a hoarding crafter lol. this short video is just so you can see how much stuff I have accumulated. its insanity. cant even get to our bike.
next step take everything down, pull nails and screws then putty paint lay carpet and decorate and set up new lights camera and I’m so excited.
the rock nerd herd will have a new place to meet up soon
so, what do you think? am I a hoarder or collector of junk and a few cool things or… just a crafter
I’m going to have a ton of stuff to give away if anyone nearby wants to scavenge or help me get the new studio set up find me on facebook
have an awesome June!!!
Keep on Rockin!!!

bonus question…. if this was your new studio what is one thing you would have to have in it???

#Remodeling, #NewStudio, #dreamscometrue

be sure to join my facebook group to get more in depth help from our community!


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