Hi, so we had several awesome subscribers tune in today for our talk.
I answered questions and then we did a pick a number for the giveaway on our next scheduled live on Monday at 1pm Mountain time.
We decided we will do a tutorial on making keychains.
I will edit this to include the list of items needed so you can get your supplies ready.
I am excited to get back into making videos as my disability has really kept me from making very many this year.
The new uploading schedule will be Mondays and Thursdays at 1pm.
We will do a giveaway for every episode.
Check out my new business page on Facebook called Rockin Raccoon. it’s where I am listing and selling. I have rough, slabs, cans, finished jewelry, art supplies etc.

Key Chain Supplies for Mondays Video:
1. eye screws, I get the very smallest I can fit a keychain through.
2. a rock. small but not tiny.
3. epoxy I use epoxy330
4. stirrers/tiny throw away cup
5. chain link 1 inch
6. 1 charm
7. key chain rings large.
8. white poster putty
9. blue painter’s tape
10. a workspace that won’t be messed with for 24 hours.
11. Dremel and all accessories an workspace
12. small diamond burs in round, point, and cylinder.

That’s it, I hope I didn’t miss anything.
Good luck in the giveaway!

Thanks Everyone!!!

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